New batch Peach's Point!

A new batch of peach vanilla mead has been released!!  

This mead is called "Peach's Point", in honor of some of Mazer Dan's relatives, who lived in Marblehead, MA and owned some land on the tip of the peninsula upon which the town was founded.  Originally the land was used for fishing and hunting by the Native Americans, and when Europeans started settling the area in the 1630s, it was called "John Peaches Neck." after John Peach Sr, who immigrated to the area in 1633 and owned the land.  A relative, John Jr. arrived a few years later, was married to Alice, and are direct ancestors to Dan.   For two centuries the land was mostly used for farming before turning into a summer resort area for affluent Americans in the late 1800s.  Over time, it was called Peaches Point, for which is is still known today.

This smooth, delicate mead, made with the freshest local peaches we could find (Cider Hill Farm, Amesbury), is made by fermenting the fruit and honey together for about one month, then aging the mead with some Madagascar Vanilla beans.  The result is a fragrant, after dinner delight.  Good for sipping over ice, having with ice cream, or making a cocktail!

1634 PEACH LEMONADE recipe credit: Abbigail Hickey , C.K. Pearl restaurant, Essex, MA

1 sprig fresh lemon balm
1 oz 1634 Peach's Point
2 oz Kettle One Citroen vodka
1 oz brewed tea
1 oz lemonade
1 lemon wedge, for garnish

1. In a Boston shaker, muddle lemon balm.
2. Fill shaker 2 ⁄ 3 full with ice. Add all liquids; shake.
3. Fill a highball glass with ice. Strain cocktail into glass; garnish with lemon wedge.