Wine Production and Tours

Learn all about mead making and bottling, honey and bees!  Join us for a quick, informative tour of our production facility.  We can tell you about the history of mead, show you how we make it and let you cork your own bottle. If you are adventurous, you can hand dip a bottle of your very own! 


First, have a tasting!  Learn about the various styles of mead, and get a basic understanding of how mead is made and how we make it here at 1634.  Most of all have fun and ask questions.  We are here to show off and educate you on our products!










Next, ask to get a tour of the production area!  Have you ever wondered why mead is the most ancient of all fermented beverages!  Well, we will help you learn, by guiding you through the process.  From teaching about different types of honey, explaining the fermentation process and then showing bottling at the most basic level

We put a lot of hard work into each bottle we produce, and we want you to help!  Please cork a bottle to find out how mechanical corkers work!  Everyone knows how to UNCORK a bottle, but corking one is a bit different!

Then you can wax the top of bottle if you want!  We hand dip every single bottle that goes out the door!  So we need some help here - please grab a bottle and give your own personal twist to the top!!  Don't worry, if you mess it up, we can easily re-do the wax job!









We will show you how we bottle the mead!  From aging, to filtering and then the final stop of filling and corking bottles. 


So, stop by and visit us!  Hopefully you will find a mead you like (most people do!).  We would happy to point out other things to do in Ipswich- places to eat, other libation tours, and of course, the beach!